Solutions We Provide

Tax Planning and Preparation

Year-Round, Comprehensive Tax Planning and Tax Preparation Services for Small and Medium Size Businesses

At Sirchia CPAs & Financial Advisors, we employ only experienced tax specialists who have a passion for what they do and are committed to helping business owners throughout upstate and Central New York reduce their taxes and keep more of their wealth.

Here are some of the things you can count on when you work with us: 

  • You will never get “stuck” with an accounting staff person who does not have the tax experience you need.
  • You will receive proactive advice from our highly responsive team. And we appreciate it when our clients are responsive too; communicating with us about their needs, challenges, concerns, and changes to their situation so that we can determine if there will be an impact on their financial world. Our strong relationships with our clients are part of what makes us so effective.
  • You will benefit from our mastery of tax strategies and ability to tailor ideas to the specific needs of our clients. We aim to add value to every client relationship.
  • You will receive year-round tax planning advice, which increases the likelihood of reducing your taxes. Of course, there may be times that even after the most aggressive tax planning you may still have a tax liability. When you do, you will be alerted immediately so you have time to accumulate the necessary cash. 
  • You will feel financially “protected” and cared about when you work with us. We take pride in the knowledge that we are able to simplify the complex tax code and remove the fear that many individuals feel when evaluating their tax situation.

To learn how we can help you minimize your tax liability and keep more of what you earn each year, contact us.